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This volume is much more than just a cookbook. Now in its 10th Anniversary Edition, with six recipes never before presented, Secrets of Salsa represents the dreams and aspirations of a group of resolute women, determined to make their way in a new culture while retaining the traditions and beauty of their upbringing. These are recipes brought from “the old country,” passed along lovingly for generations, never written down before their collection for this book. Each is a family heirloom, a sample of Mexican folk history, yet each remains as fresh as a sunrise. And, of course, each will help you create a wonderful salsa, bursting with flavor and originality.

Awards for Secrets of Salsa

West Regional Winner of the Tabasco Community Cookbook Award 2002

CA Department of Education—EL Civics Making a Difference in the Community 6/2006, Anderson Valley Film Festival Juror’s Award 2007

CA Human Development Corporation—Community Organization Award 2002