Support the Salsitas

Why buy a Secrets of Salsa cookbook/DVD or make a donation to the salsa cookbook project?

  • If you buy a cookbook you will be able to experience making and tasting thirty-one outstanding salsas that are not only unique, but family traditions that had never been written.
  • If you buy a documentary DVD of the project you will experience the heartwarming story of the women who shared their salsas.
  • Every cent received goes to support the English literacy classes at Anderson Valley Adult School. These classes teach adult students how to speak, read, and write English.
  • The students learn about U.S. culture and how to successfully negotiate the post office, bank, stores, etc. The parents who attend the adult school classes will very positively pass on their new skills and confidence to their children to help them succeed in school.
  • Workplace efficiency and safety will be improved with increased English language skills.
  • Students will feel more confident to participate in community activities and add cultural diversity to our community because the classroom activities extend out into the community for hands-on practice.
  • Anderson Valley Adult School has shared its successful project-based learning techniques with other adult schools—expanding the benefits of adult literacy statewide.
  • Your donation is tax deductible.

Donate today!